Coaching sessions usually will include topics such as:


Understanding self

  • Reflecting on yourself – examining how you tend to think and operate and what you know gives you energy
  • Using deep listening and challenging questions to uncover what is really happening
  • Enabling vulnerability
  • Building resilience and energy – being careful of workaholic tendencies, energy depletion and signs of stress


Making sense of my current situation

  • What are the opportunities now – how this had to happen to move forward
  • Encouraging a new belief and certainty for what is next – working with strengths – finding a new understanding of oneself
  • Feeling powerful – letting go of the past
  • Bringing balance between personal and professional lives


Strategies to move forward

  • Having a sense of confidence and optimism
  • Experience and knowledge to share
  • Practical action steps – getting clarity – focus on performance – commit to action


How it works

  • Sessions are held over a pre agreed period of time – usually around six months in duration
  • We aim to meet on average every four weeks – this allows enough time to try things, but no so long that we have to start afresh each time
  • Sessions are between one to two hours depending on need
  • Three way sessions at the beginning and end with line managers are welcome if required
  • We can meet face to face or virtually depending on individual preference
Ruth’s intuition and expertise has given me the opportunity to develop new skills which help me perform on a daily basis.