The Latin word for 'easy' is facilis, with facilitation meaning 'the act of making something easier' - this is the framework on which Ruth has built her facilitation style. Clients say she has an unusually effective combination of a bold, courageous manner coupled with a very caring, supportive and generous outlook towards others.

Clients have commented that because she is so positive and solution focused, Ruth will not shy away from uncovering and handling difficult problems which exist in teams. This is because she fundamentally believes that by openly discussing them and working towards a solution, people can move forward and ultimately a better way of operating can be achieved.

Ruth believes that the establishment of purpose and its importance in driving energy in teams is crucial to success, and this is one of the most important aspects of her work. From this, she aims to help teams achieve self-sufficiency and to be able to action their ideas and take responsibility for their own future.

Ruth is equally effective with both a very large group, sometimes working with up to 200, and a smaller group in an action learning setting where her strong and caring coaching style enables potentially quieter members to come forward and discuss what matters to them.

Example: Facilitation at an Oil and Gas 'Super major'

There are too many examples of things I took away in my black book to cite here but I immediately sensed a difference for the better in how I felt able to discuss issues we'd covered in our small group with Ruth