Ruth has been coaching senior leaders for more than 20 years and a testament to the quality of her work is that several of her former coaching clients have repeatedly returned to Ruth for support during challenging periods throughout their careers.

The value that Ruth brings is that, in addition to her formal coaching training, she has an extraordinary ability to attune to her clients very quickly, creating a climate of safety and purpose. This means that if for instance she then notices limiting or repeated patterns, she is able to reflect these back to the client in a way that enables them to accept the observations made and uncover ways to work on the areas identified

Because many of Ruth's coaching clients are operating in organisations where Ruth has worked for several years, she is also able to help them to understand how best to operate in that that particular culture.

Above all, her clients would say that they feel absolutely valued, held in the highest regard but also clear about a different and more effective way of operating for the future.

Example: A major UK broadcasting company

There are too many examples of things I took away in my black book to cite here but I immediately sensed a difference for the better in how I felt able to discuss issues we'd covered in our small group with Ruth