Ruth has been working with individuals in leadership roles for more than 20 years.

Her passion is to create a climate of psychological safety where individuals and groups in organisations are able to explore what leadership means to them, and how they can execute their strategies to best effect.

Ruth has a number of personal beliefs which she carries through into her daily work; the first one is that people generally want to do well in their work, and it is the role of a leader to create conditions where people feel safe and energized to carry out their specific role.

The second belief that Ruth has is that individual purpose, understanding how we can challenge our 'mind talk' and manage our 'state', is at the core of all our activity and increased clarity around this can be enormously helpful as leaders handle their day-to-day responsibilities.

The third thing is that personal values such as integrity, humility and respect can be hidden by the challenges of modern, demanding, global competitive environments, but that by introducing areas such as mindfulness and reflection, qualities such as kindness and forgiveness can be brought to the fore to enable leaders to become much more effective.

In leadership learning, Ruth believes in creating a safe space both physically and emotionally and she enables individuals to express themselves, by consciously 'checking in' and out of sessions and creating shared agreements.

One final belief that Ruth has is that the most important job of a leader is to develop the next generation of leaders, and her personal interest in what matters in the development of people is evident in all of her leadership work.

Example: A South African based oil and natural gas company

I was particularly impressed that external presenters had 'got under the skin' of our business so well