"Ruth Berry has been instrumental in building the successful eXpLore training program within Royal Dutch Shell Exploration for the past years. Ruth's knowledge of how to push the boundaries of the participants to achieve more than they thought possible, and connecting the training to the strategic intent of the business, have proved extremely valuable"

Ceri M Powell,
Executive Vice President,
Exploration, Shell


"Ruth has worked with the BBC for three years and in that time she has facilitated several senior leadership engagements and coached senior leaders here. In all of the work Ruth has supported I am always impressed by her total professionalism, the hard work she puts in to understand the challenges and her pragmatic nature - which means that she is consistently in demand by several teams at the BBC .Ruth is utterly dependable and collaborative in her style and her insights into leadership are first class. She is trusted by myself and my team, and is an excellent sounding board as we progress our own leadership and cultural change work. I would recommend her wholeheartedly."

Bal Samra,
Commercial Director,
Director, Television Operations


"RMB Learning and Sasol Petroleum International leadership programme "GENESIS" The intensive programme was developed and run by Ruth Berry and Darren Rudkin to specifically support a culture change in an upstream oil & gas company. I would compare it to swimming lessons for leaders; some are expert swimmers and may need to improve their turns, while other want to practice a new stroke or even are novice swimmers. Following intensive individual engagements and team coaching/team events a greater awareness and consciousness was instilled with the executive leadership team of 8 people, after which we rolled out the programme to the top 60 leaders of the company. Clearly not a quick fix to success but rather the dedicated start of a journey to create a new leadership élan in SPI. Ruth and Darren strike an excellent balance between challenge and support and create a very positive tension between the status quo and the aspiration, which is energising and inspiring."

Ebbie Haan,
Managing Director,
Sasol Petroleum International


"Ruth has worked with Fujitsu for a number of years as a facilitator and executive coach. We have always found her informal and engaging style to result in getting the best out of groups of leaders, and she brings a wide range of leadership learning and expertise to her work, which fits very well with our people. As a coach, Ruth has a style which combines a great mix of bold questioning and supportive care; she works hard to enable leaders to arrive at a pragmatic way forward and be better equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Ella Bennett,
HR Director,

Wragge Lawrence Graham and Co.

"Ruth's coaching has been a revelation - her insightful comments and straightforward approach have been a tremendous help in my career development and she remains a trusted and reliable source of advice."

Geoff Gouriet,
Wragge Lawrence Graham and Co.

Aviva Investors

"I was referred to Ruth a while ago and we have met regularly over the past 18 months where her practical insight into my business management has been extremely valuable. Her ability to sift through the issues and advise on the core challenges in an honest and additive way is refreshing and allows me the opportunity to check in and make sure my purpose and business focus is on task. I look forward to meeting with Ruth and see her as an integral component to my success."

Ted Potter,
Managing Director,
Head of Global Business Development,
Aviva Investors

Croydon Council

"Ruth has provided me with personal coaching and also facilitated sessions at a senior team level during my time as CEO of LB of Croydon. She helped my own personal leadership by enabling me to identify weaknesses and develop strategies for improvement. She was always a great source of advice in real time situations, drawing on her breadth and depth of experience in working with senior leaders in many different corporate contexts. One of Ruth's strongest attributes is in recognising and working with the emotional dimensions of being a senior leader to improve overall effectiveness"

Jon Rouse,
Director General Social Care,
Local Government and Care Partnership at Department of Health
(formally Chief Executive of London Borough of Croydon)


"One of Ruth's most remarkable talents in the work that she does is to use her natural empathy to connect with individuals both on a one to one and a group basis. She has an unusual ability to bridge both the client and the participants' needs.

Ruth's facilitation style helps to equalise everyone in the group - she has worked with us on our Leadership Development Programme for two years and has been crucial in creating a learning environment which enables the subsequent learning to be achieved in a climate of trust and enthusiasm.

Finally, I am completely amazed at how Ruth can manage to enrol a group of people she has barely met into extremely early morning running on our programmes! I see this as an indicator of how she can influence others through the sheer force of her exceptional personality."

Peter Duffy,
Group HR Director,
Daily Mail and General Trust plc


"Ruth has the ability to design and deliver high level leadership programmes which are always relevant to each audience. Ruth injects energy and enthusiasm in and outside the classroom and always demonstrates how to get the best out of people, and how to build long lasting and beneficial relationships.

As a fellow "northerner", Ruth is down to earth and keeps everything easy to understand and relevant - the result is you always learn something!"

Sir Nigel Knowles,
Managing Partner,


"Ruth has worked with our firm for the last several years and has received much praise for her realistic and challenging approach coupled with a great sense of humour. Our people are also looking forward to working with her on a coaching basis."

Lorraine Kilborn,
Head of Talent,