Case Study - Programme Design

An example of Programme Design


To design and deliver a leadership programme for a selected group of 250 Senior Partners in the largest global law firm in the world.


"Many thanks for all your hard work and effort in providing what was an excellent programme and, hugely, valuable few days.

I am sure all of the participants have left Cambridge with some very important "take aways" and renewed/refreshed clarity on what needs to be done going forward.

Thank you again - hopefully, there will be an opportunity to work with you again in the future".

Leadership for International law firm

What we did together:

  • Ruth, together with her valued colleague from the Moller PSF Group, Des Woods, and their colleague from the client firm, spent three months interviewing and analysing data gathered from over fifty partners and other knowledgeable stakeholders throughout the International Firm. This was information gathered via a variety of methods - one to one interviews by phone or face to face and by holding focus groups.
  • The next step was to run a one day accelerated design event which was attended by 12 of the most influential and senior partners from the international firm. Working with their dear friend, Adam Billing, Ruth and Des discussed the latest in leadership development thinking, and then agreed together the profile of an extraordinary leadership partner in this particular firm.
  • From the Design Day they then began to develop a series of modules focusing on areas such as discipline, communication, focus and execution. Additionally, they built in the opportunity for the partners attending to discuss the ongoing challenges of integration in a huge and rapidly growing firm were covered.
  • Much of the learning was built around a specifically constructed case study which was based on real-life cultural and organisational challenges thus bringing a relevance and a topical platform from which to explore leadership issues.