Case Study - Facilitation

An example of Facilitation


To work with a selected Business School to design and deliver a leadership development programme for the senior and emerging leaders of the Exploration Group in an international oil and gas company.


"I wanted to mention that I found myself watching the way you interacted with people and was impressed at how you worked the room from large group discussions to small group discussions; also finding time to talk to everyone one-on-one. I understand that this is your business and expertise. I also realise that this is not easy and you make it look easy, very impressive indeed!"

Facilitation at Oil and Gas Organisation

What we did together:

  • Working closely with an internal Design Team, Ruth led the process to design, develop and deliver a set of leadership modules, branded the eXpLore programme. Eleven years later, the programme still exists and its purpose is to enable the leadership community to focus on essential areas of the business - for example, Strategy; Innovation; Project and People Management and Decision Making.
  • Ruth engages with the delegates before and after each module, communicating with them directly to maximise effectiveness through attending and to embed the learning further.
  • The inclusion of real life projects, application discussions and individual coaching has also meant that the programme remains relevant to actual, genuine leadership challenges. Each module has a VP sponsor who can supply context and understanding to the challenges being faced.
  • Closely liaising with world class faculty from Rice University in Houston, Ruth consistently collaborates on the design and delivery of the learning itself; she facilitates discussions throughout the event, and leads the groups through each day to ensure they are clear on their personal learning outcomes and she provides individual feedback to participants on their performance throughout the programme.