Case Study - Coaching

An example of Coaching


Coaching both individuals and groups on the behaviours needed both to operate effectively together, and how to communicate and deliver their organisational strategy to best effect.


"Many thanks for your contribution last week. I am delighted with the session you ran and the place we ended up as a team on Friday showed just how much progress we have made".

A major UK broadcasting company

What we did together:

  • Over the course of three separate away-days over several months, the group focused on creating trust in the immediate team, and making sense of the organisational strategy and the leaders' part to play in this.
  • During these meetings, a series of operational decisions were made in areas such as communication, engagement of teams and delivery against objectives.
  • As a result of these sessions, Ruth's increased understanding of the context was developed which resulted in, among other things, senior leaders in the group requesting individual coaching support. As Ruth works with several other teams from the same organisation, her understanding of the overall culture and pressures therein, has strengthened the areas of enquiry explored during coaching sessions with individual leaders.
  • The Senior Leaders taking part subsequently requested that Ruth hold separate team events for their own leadership teams, and to provide executive coaching for their own Direct Reports.
  • Within all of these assignments, Ruth was able to give feedback on what she observed both to individual leaders and on how the teams operated, both of which were found to be extremely useful.