Case Study - Leadership

An example of Leadership


To create a memorable and transformational leadership experience for 100 senior executives, enabling them to create their vision and architecture for their desired culture and to introduce and sustain a set of leadership behaviors which would foster collaboration and shared endeavour.


"You showed me that I am capable of feeling, a gift so precious to me. Thank you for that. And it was because of who you are, not just what you do. So also thank you for that".

A South African based oil and natural gas company

What we did together:

  • Working alongside her precious friend and teacher, Darren Rudkin, plus a highly enlightened MD and HRD, the team looked at leadership from the point of view of how one interacts with self, others and context.
  • Through a diagnostic process, involving several interviews with key leaders, Ruth and Darren created a series of 'focal points' upon which the leadership programme was designed.
  • Exploring how the importance of purpose and acting in a non-judgemental way can enable leaders to be more effective, the group practised using live examples of where a 'state change' occurred. The group also learned how to notice and work with mindtalk to choose how to respond when in a 'limited state'.
  • Understanding how a for all of us, our state can and will change regularly and the value of being able to switch into a state of purpose, choice and resourcefulness.
  • Working with a group of coaches, including Ruth and Darren, the leaders on this programme have been able to reinforce and embed their leadership learning continuously since attending.