About Jen Verney

Jen has a complete understanding of every project happening in RMB Learning and she uses her thorough approach to personally ensure that everything runs smoothly and that our clients remain informed and comfortable that everything is under control.

While Ruth is out working directly with the clients, coaching and delivering the programmes, Jen organises and controls the office, handling all the important stuff!

A business such as ours, with multiple clients and several associates working on a variety of assignments, often in different time zones, cannot function effectively without someone who is capable of holding all the vital organisation and planning for the various projects.

Jen's approach could be summarised as professional, thorough and light hearted. Her ability to manage several projects very effectively, coupled with her instinct for which ones are reaching a crucial stage and what needs to happen when, means that our clients needs are fully met and the detail behind each programme and project is absolutely taken care of.

Jennifer Verney

Her personal style which is pragmatic, relaxed and helpful ensures that she can build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues and they all know when they deal with Jen that they can find out everything they need to know.

With a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Health Psychology, Jen enjoys using her specialist knowledge and insights to contribute to the leadership collateral available from RMB Learning.

As well as being an avid netball player, Jen also has a new dog in the family and so is out running more than ever!

Of all the people on the planet, you talk to yourself more than anyone. Make sure you are saying the right things.

Martin Rooney