About Emma Thompson

Emma is a Professional Development Coach and Facilitator with over 7 years of experience in mentoring, facilitation and coordination of training in the sectors of education, professional services and corporate development.

Her purpose is to help businesses to maximise the potential of their next generation of leaders, supporting them in their next steps in their personal leadership.

Emma specialises in enabling professionals at all levels to improve in their leadership, influencing and people management capability. She is particularly interested in how professionals can use self-awareness to improve their working relationships with others in their teams and influence their impact at work. She believes the next generation of leaders will need a range of skills including:

  • Empathy and self-awareness
  • Clear communication and listening skills
  • Effective delegation and workload management
  • How to manage their resilience and tackle their inner ‘imposter’
  • The ability to coach and develop others

She has recently been extensively involved in the design of a number of Leadership Programmes for various organisations in Professional Services, Technology and Consulting; taking part from the outset to design the programme according to the needs of the client, and continuously liaising with the client to ensure that programmes have an impact.

Emma Thompson

Emma offers individual and group executive coaching, alongside the design and facilitation of programmes and learning experiences, which focus on future leadership, coaching and mentoring of high potentials.

Over the last two years, Emma is proud to have worked on the:

  • Design and delivery of the Future Leader and Emerging Leader Programmes for a global technology organisation
  • Facilitation design and coordination of ideas for the strategy sessions at the global conference of a major law firm
  • Design and delivery of a training session for PAs on Assertiveness, Self-awareness and Influencing
  • Design of a Development Programme for Junior, Mid and Senior Associates at a law firm
  • Design of a Leadership Development Programme for partners at a major global law firm
  • Design of a Leadership Programme for a National Healthcare System in the Middle East
  • Design of a Leadership Development Programme for Project Leaders in the exploration arm of a major oil company

She is accredited to use the TRACOM Social Styles diagnostic and is qualified as an Accredited Executive Coach with the AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching).

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.